Can These Three Men Solve It All?

From Encounters USA on youtube:

Can research groups long committed to the hunt of their own specialty, whether it be aliens, bigfoot or dogman, come together to cooperate for one exercise? In this Encounters USA episode, we invited Lee Strauss of the UFO iTeam (aliens) Todd Neiss of the American Primate Conservancy (Bigfoot) and Joedy Cook, head of the North American Dogman Project to come together in one podcast to see if it is possible to meet, agree on criteria for research and decide on the location of the research. It has never been done before. Can the initial planning phases of the Encounters USA, UFO iTeam, American Primate Conservancy and the North American Dogman Project be carried out?


  1. No...No I don't think that they will solve it all.

  2. Iktomi has solved the mystery of cloaking

    1. Let me explain it to you Rum. Have you studied a bigfoot specimen? Do you know what abilities they have and don't have? What's that? No you haven't? Then shut up!



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