Bigfoot Sightings Are On The Rise

Dixie Cryptid on youtube shares some more great bigfoot encounter stories. Do you think bigfoot sightings are on the rise?


  1. Happy new year fellow bigfooters !
    in 2020 there will only be 2 types of people -those who believe in bigfoot and those who can't wait til the day science finally declares them to exist which is getting near by the day and 2020 may just be the year it happens !
    Yes, bigfoot sightings are on the rise but also people don't feel weird reporting a sighting .Happens daily ! once mayor, Bryce,Ronny LeBlanc and Russell accord are finished cleaning up with the skeptics they (skeptics) will be declared extinct just like the dodo bird . victory is within our grasp lads !


  2. Good luck with that.

    So do you believe that Bigfoot is in any way paranormal or do you believe that it's a 100% flesh and blood creature?

  3. I believe Bigfoot is a mystery, the story becomes more interesting when it is true. smash karts


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