Bigfoot Odyssey Researchers Report

From Bigfoot Odyssey and the Researchers Report comes guest Shane Carpenter to talk about "The 400".


  1. Yes folks it is that time of year again. We must celebrate Joerg.

    Twas the night before Christmas,
    And all through the house,
    Not a woman was stirring in Joes bed,
    Not even an ugly skank louse.
    The faked footprints were hung by the chimney with care.
    In hopes that Roger Patterson and his fake feet would soon be there.The monkey suits were stuffed in an old wood hut,And in one special suit, was a nice diaper butt.While visions of leaping yetis danced in Joes head,From the 50 fake encounters he had just before read.And Joe in his panties, and his male friend in a cap,They had just settled down for a long wet nap.
    When out in the woods, there arose such a clatter.
    Joe jumped out of the vaseline, to see what was them matter.Joe ran to the window, and through up the sash,But all he could see was Leons thick scumstache.Joe tried to see a bigfoot, he thought he had won,But alas, it was dmaker, who had just schooled him son!Joe could barely belive it, out the corner window he saw,Freeman faking some tracks, some large and some small. And then he found something, laying stuck in a limb,It looked like a hair, from his moms nasty chin.He took the hair home and gave it to Sykes,Who tested it many times, some say even thrice.And what results did then magically appear?
    Why nothing but brown bear, and opossum and deer.
    But Joe was sly, he knew what he could do,
    He could lie about it on bigfoot evidence,
    And blame inconsistencies on YOU!
    And if Joe should get questioned about his big load of bull.He could always blame skeptics and call them a fool.

    Yes in Joes mind, he knew he was right, so he yelled from the shutters

    Merry Christmas My Hairy Monkey and to all a Good Wet Night!!!!!!!!

    1. ^ repetitive bosh from a juvenile foot



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