Sasquatch and Civic Duty

Christopher Noel posted this video about bigfoot and civic duty. Noel believes bigfoot is are human, which introduces all sorts of things to think about.


  1. Remember that bigfooters learn from the playbook of antisocial personality disorders. Saul Alinsky behavior.

    There's a lot like always be on the attack with your opponent and ignore any criticism. Use emotional attacks instead of logic.

    Paint your target as subhuman. Stupid. Childish, etc. Accuse the opposition of your own misconduct. The 'footer has horrible things to say about real scientists and skeptics.

    Bigfoot Live Action Alternate Reality Gaming. Every word in that acronym must be there. To call it by what the vast majority are doing.

    They are pretending they live in a world where bigfoot lives, it is an alternate reality. The main requirement of alternate reality games is that you never, never, never acknowledge it is a game.

    You do not take off your home-made 12th century armor and shield when the playing is done and acknowledge it was just a role. As they do in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    An argument on the acronym has to be on the basis of what word does not belong in there. Bigfoot? Live Action? Alternate Reality? The fact it is a game?

    It is a game where you get under people's skin. You learn how to insult them by saying they are just lemmings, have no sense of adventure, all manner of ridiculous stuff.

    I came to bigfoot after many years looking at these antisocial personality types and it struck me immediately how their playbook was exactly the same.

    Selective memory, selective attention, lying, projection, shaming, guilt-tripping, playing dumb, playing the servant role - it's amazing.

    People self-select into groups. People who like to fish are found at the docks. People who like to fight are in boxing gyms. Not because anyone put them there. It is where they wanted to be.

    So where does a dark triad personality locate? Forget bigfoot and look at how flat earthers are so similar. You just pretend to believe NASA is a big conspiracy and you are retarded for believing in those photo-shopped pictures of the moon.

    They say that the ice in antarctica is the edge of the world and the government won't let anyone past it. But you can pay for several excellent charters to the North Pole, commercial flights - and I have met one of the flyboys doing it. It is a VERY lucrative run for the pilots.

    So why, after years of flat earth coming into this bizarre prominence, have none of them gone to these commercial outfits and sat in one of the seats? They are practicing selective attention, lying, etc. even in the face of absolute bullet-proof contrary evidence.

    That is a personality type requiring no shame. No remorse. No embarrassment normal people feel. They get a big thrill out of Duper's Delight.

    Amongst psychopaths, sociopaths, Machavelians, sadists,narcissists, etc. the entire spectrum of bad guys the most powerful theme running the gamut is their belief that lying is smart.

    Only stupid people tell the truth, act honestly and above-board. That is a naive, gullible mark.

    So you troll them. Certain personality types gravitate towards the things James Randy fought against because these are bad people.

    1. BTW, it's James Randi not Randy. you probably were feeling Randy when you wrote this magnum opus of absolute rubbish ?
      You seem like the kind of bloke that secretly believes in bigfoot but shame of some childhood trauma prevents you from admitting it. But carry on chum. You shall never convince me bigfoot is not real.


    2. Oh dear. Looks like someone had a bit of a meltdown about psychologists calling him (trolls) lonely. And that isn’t some incoherent, emotionally unstable, incoherent babble... That’s actually coming straight from the people studying these nut jobs;

      Get well soon PS.

  2. It is the bigfooter's civic responsibility to gun down a squatch.

  3. Hahahahaha - Anon 7:18 hit a nerve!

    1. And which part hit a nerve, PS? Care to point out that which nobody could read? Ha ha ha!!!


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