Bigfoot Visions

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe:

Hello everybody, join our campers around the fire, as they share their final experiences from our July campout, including reports of shared visions.


  1. What fun they are having pretending Sasquatch is real! It's a lot more fun that getting off their fat asses and actually walking more than a few feet in the woods. By the looks of them they don't stray too far from snacks and easy chairs. Maybe Barb should start a exercise program instead of planting balloons.

    1. PS’ Bigfoot Check List...

      • know every single last researcher - CHECK!
      • know every single last YouTube channel - CHECK!
      • familiarise yourself with the latest news and visit ALL of the Bigfoot blogs - CHECK!
      • try and cosey up to researches likes Biscardi & Fasano - CHECK!
      • make your own crypto blog - CHECK!

      What fun you have pretending Bigfoot doesn’t exist. I think that if you weren’t so lonely and had a far more interesting character, you wouldn’t need to draw people into such negativity.

    2. ^ pretending he`s not "Joe" today - but he`s just as stupid no matter what guise he decides to pull on over his bald pate and pig nosed snout.

    3. Hahahaha - my favorite part is when icktomi thinks all responses are from just one person. Oh yes - I DO have fun proclaiming Bigfoot doesn't exist because you get so worked up about it. It's amusing reading about people who have such a cult-like belief in something that's never been proven (and never will be). Now cue icktomi with his "evidence" he's cut and pasted a hundred times before (yawn).

      Man I hope you don't look like any of those people in Barb's group because you are in need of some serious exercise if you do!

    4. I’d be worked up if you’d but once prove the evidence is bunk and Bigfoot does not exist. You won’t because you believe in Bigfoot as much as anyone, it not more than anyone who frequents here. There are psychologists stating that your behaviour is the result of being bullied and isolated. Were you bullied PS? Nwah. Cyber-nerds “getting even” online, ha ha ha!!

      And why wouldn’t I provide the evidence? Cult’s don’t provide evidence like I just did, PS. Prove to me you’re not cult-like PS. Show me the science behind Bigfoot tracks isn’t consistent with decades of scientists’ work who have studied homo erectus trackways? In short PS, what’s been proven is the evidence for an archaic foot is genuine. Now unless some other hominin is running around North America, the ball has always been, will always be in your court to debunk that. That’s the burden of proof that gets thrown back at you so beautifully.

      You can’t, you won’t... because not only will you not put in the effort to debunk something that you believe in (who would?), but nobody with 50 times the intelligence and credentials of you has ever been able to.

      Lonely boy : )

    5. Haha ! PS gets rally trashed yet again ! Bloody magnificent !


    6. Just blow each other already while thinking about bigfoot

    7. Does that mental image get you off, PS?


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