Bigfoot In Florida

The Trail To Bigfoot team invites you to the upcoming Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting in Colt Creek State Park in Florida.


  1. Ah was just a sitting with Roger an I stretched my old foreskin an a started playing a tune with it like a old banjo. There I was a thumpin' an a twangin' my stretchy old foreskin and ol' Roger started singin' this song he used to sing " aaah 'Gug' 'Gug' 'Gug' 'Gug'". Out of nowhere this fat hairy lady jumped out of the woods all covered in pubes an a shakin' her big titties at me an Roger an a dancin' to my foreskin pluckin' an Rogers 'Gug' croonin'. We was so flabbergasted that we grabbed up the camera and filmed her. She got so mad she just stormed off an we wasn't able to get her number or nothing. Roger an me sure pleasured ourselves that night thinkin' about that hairy broad.

    1. I have a copy of the film with the foreskin plucking and 'Gug' crooning, it is true

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