This Is Where It Happened

Bigfooter and youtuber Jerry Cline takes a long a vide journey to the site of a bigfoot encounter. Check it out.


  1. Yes this is the bushes area where I was "broken in" - this is where IT first happened all those years ago and I have enjoyed a good rogering since then.


    1. Hut hut hut hey it`s happenin` agin fellas...y`all wanna cum join in too ?

      Joe --- gug gug gug

  2. Rene Dahinden backed by the Canadian Government, on scene within hours of PGF location, Bossburg etc 40+ years searching for BF. Jerry Cline starts BF club within 2 years is physically attacked by two separate creatures on 2 separate occasions. Sighted Dogman at least twice. Attacked in camper where he loses what's left of his alcohol soaked brain. Hmmmmmm. That's a lot of encounters in a short period there Jerrod! Me thinks you've joined the Wermers team.

  3. This is where Bug took a dump. Over yonder he took one yesterday!
    Jerry please take up another hobby such as Model airplane building, Cruising your towns red light district for a Trans date or playing Ouija by yourself in the dark whilst summoning. bf. I'd like to say you were washed up but the truth is its impossible because you were never washed in the first place.


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