Monsters Thrive In West Virginia

Monster lore is alive and well in West Virginia, and boosting the economy.

Who could have foreseen that a large, man-like flying creature with glowing red eyes — supposedly sighted in Point Pleasant in the mid-1960s — would lead, 50-plus years later, to a cottage industry, festival, museum and gift shop dedicated to the Mothman legend?

And it's not just Mothman that's enjoying a wave of monster-kitsch popularity. Flatwoods has its Flatwoods Monster, and there are other tales of mysterious, unsubstantiated entities - or "cryptids" - in West Virginia, such as Bigfoot and the Grafton Monster.

Television shows like The Travel Channel's "Mountain Monsters" have helped to popularize local monster lore and have inspired monster- and paranormal-themed festivals, such as the upcoming Mothman Festival and this weekend's Flatwoods Monster Fest in Flatwoods.

It's also inspired enterprising local artisans to put their creativity to work in what has become a pop-culture genre focusing on the unexplained and the offbeat.

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  1. Cliff of 'Finding Bigfoot ' is estimated to have a net worth of 1.6 million. He made his money off of the show, a show about bigfoot. He made money off of bigfoot

    1. Cliff has also worked as a teacher at Cascade Heights Public Charter School. Melissa Barackman, his wife is a very successful makeup artist who has worked for the Animal Planet. “Cliff Barackman has a net worth of $100,000 – $1M”

      Net worth is what you own minus what you owe. For example, if you own a home worth $300,000 and you owe $100,000 on it, you have $200,000 in equity toward your net worth. Further reading; “What Is the Difference Between Income and Net Worth?”

      "Today, Bobo makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, California. He continues to take odd jobs in unrelated fields, most of which are centered on trying to spot a Bigfoot. His close relationship with the community in which he lives helps him keep his "ear to the ground," and he collects dozens of local Bigfoot sighting reports each year."

      Now considering others of the "Finding Bigfoot Team" are unable to quit their day jobs... I’m gonna ask you again before I shoot off to bed. How much money does Cliff make from Bigfoot conventions, opening a Bigfoot museum, selling souvenirs, and creating a podcast? This of course, is without even touching upon the fact that nothing that he’s endorsing has been shown to be hoaxed and therefore fraudulent. People work hard and they also then invest in hobbies and honest life pursuits. Some people also need to raise funds for future research, when no such funding is forthcoming. Without so much as a single referenced fact as to what profit he is making from these “museums, conventions and souvenirs”, anybody could quite as easily claim he’s had to invest and is in fact at a loss. So I’ll pop back tomorrow to see if you come across as someone who actually knows what they’re taking about.

      See you later Dumbo.

    2. So stu- what museum have you opened and are thinking about making money off ? I know, none because you are just happy to survive on the trailer park . sorry bubbles


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  2. Now old Cliff has opened a museum but I'm sure that's not so he can make money off of bigfoot, that would be wrong and nobody makes money off of bigfoot

  3. Does this argument seem retarded to you? It should because only imbeciles deny that people are making money off of bigfoot


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