Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind

Check out this new bigfoot play, 'Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind'. Yes, I said play.

Billed as a campfire mystery play, “Close Encounters of the Hairy” kind manages to be scary, funny, charming, spooky and ultimately heartwarming.

The Mastery Mystery Productions play is written and directed by Monica Lorenz and is being presented as part of Ridge Writers’ Weird Weekend 2019. It opens Friday night, with a second performance Saturday.

The plot involves Bigfoot, or rather a group of Bigfoot believers who have gathered around a campfire to share stories about the big guy. This is a clever premise. It allows each character to be introduced in turn while at the same time familiarizing the audience with some sample Bigfoot encounter stories. Lorenz (who is a columnist at the Daily Independent) told this reviewer that she based the campfire stories on real first-person accounts of those who claim to have encountered Bigfoot. This attention to detail shows. The stories ring true, or at least as true as they can. Belief in Bigfoot seems like a kind of litmus test. He means different things to different people.

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  1. Y’know Mates , I had me-self a close encounter of the Hairy Cane kind about a fortnight ago , tee hee . Bob’s yer uncle !



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