Bigfoot Movie Reviews

Two very similar movies go under the radar in this review of two sasquatch movies that came out in the 1970's.

This month we (accidentally) review two remarkably similar movies from the mid-70’s: “Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot,” and “The Legend of Bigfoot.” Join us as we dig into the mysteries of the “skunk ape,” discover the history of Mt. St. Helens’s “Ape Caves,” discuss whether or not wolverines are native to Oregon, and find out the proper plurals of “Sasquatch” and “Bigfoot.” Both movies are available to watch for free on YouTube, and “Sasquatch” features a real-life mountain lion being thrown off a cliff onto some horses below and other negligent 70s animal treatment.
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  1. seen both movies and enjoyed them. yes they are both campy 70s fare but a good view none the less. Way better than watching hillbillies racing around a track in circles ...h what do you call that ? oh es, nascar


    1. ^ scratching the crabs on his balls and ass


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