Bigfoot Descends On Idaho

Check out this article about the recent event "Sasquatch Prints in the Park".

POCATELLO — Bigfoot fans were treated to an opportunity to hear from some of the world’s foremost experts on Sasquatch when “Sasquatch Prints in the Park” convened at the Fort Hall replica at Upper Ross Park in Pocatello.

This weekend’s event featured multiple presentations by Bigfoot researchers like Idaho State University Physical Anthropology professor Jeff Meldrum and former “Finding Bigfoot” host Cliff Barackman. The event gave fans a chance to buy Bigfoot and other paranormal-related merchandise from vendors and speak face-to-face with the show’s expert guests.

“These types of events serve many different purposes,” Meldrum told “From my perspective, it’s an opportunity for academic outreach or educational opportunity.”

The experts educated their audience on the myriad of research angles from which to approach a subject that may seem fairly narrow and limited to those unfamiliar with the art and science of Sasquatch research.

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