The Ground Zero of Bigfoot

From the - ‘I’ve reached the supposed ground zero of Bigfoot’ — an author’s hunt for the Sasquatch

Canadian writer John Zada had an obsession with Bigfoot stories as a child. As an adult, he travelled to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, site of many sightings and legends over the years, in an effort to separate myth from reality.

The next day, I leave my cheap riverside motel in Bella Coola proper and ride up the empty highway on a rented bicycle to the Four Mile reserve — a Nuxalk residential community located that distance up the valley from the main town site. It’s an idyllic day, one of those perfect, temperate end-of-summer afternoons, with swirling tendrils of high cloud and a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean filtered through evergreens.

I turn onto a side road and enter the reserve, riding leisurely past homes situated on spacious, unfenced lots separated by swaths of bushy overgrowth. The placid neighbourhood is alive with groups of romping children. From Four Mile, the view looking up the Bella Coola valley is crystal clear. An adjacent side valley, the Thorsen, beckons with the mist-obscured, sugar-icing-coated glacier at its head.

I’ve reached the supposed ground zero of Bigfoot — the waking version of the lofty wilderness of my daydreams as a kid. It’s hard to downplay the links and associations with Sasquatch here. Because of that, the idea of looking for the physical animal is tough to resist. For, in a real sense, Bella Coola is Bigfoot.

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  1. Bigfoot are often reported to look different in different regions of the America's. In my research, you have three main types;

    1. The Patty type with hair covered faces, longer arms and pointed heads.

    2. You have the more homo-sapien typed faced types with arms in proportion to their bodies.

    3. You then have a type with the perfect mix of the previous two with homo-sapien, native looking features in the face, with longer arms (check out Harvey Pratt's forensic sketches on Google image search engine for a perfect example of these creatures).

    ... All are highly evolved and very human like in intelligence, but have the advantage on us as they've evolved animalistic sensory attributes.


    1. Ah yes - a Sasquatch for every occasion. No matter what's reported we have it covered by one of these MAIN types. How about producing just one to establish it's real?

      "All are highly evolved and very human like in intelligence, but have the advantage on us as they've evolved animalistic sensory attributes."

      ...and you know this how? Without examining a single specimen you are able to assert all this as fact with the utmost confidence. Here in the states we call it talking out of your ass.

    2. Doesn’t really matter is there’s six alleged hairy archaic bipeds running around the wilderness of the US. As long as there’s reliable physical evidence for an archaic foot leaving its sign, then the proponents have a substance to argue their case and that’s all that matters really.

      It appears that there is indeed 7-8 foot tall hominins residing in the wilderness of North America, based on thousands of years of native culture (anthropological data), the three databases of modern sightings reports (by every credible pillar of modern society), and the 60 years of accompanying physical evidence (some of which peer reviewed).

      Also, we wouldn't need a body to prove the existence of "Bigfoot". It is after all, a human being. Killing one would amount to murder if it falls under the genus homo (which in my opinion, does). Footage from a well known mainstream biologist would seal it. However... Until a group of mainstream scientists are paid to go look and get those photographs, it's not gonna happen. What we are left with are amateur researchers whose footage will always, always, always be dismissed due to people easily attacking their credibility and lack of credentials... Even from within their own research community. So, until that footage is sourced, enthusiasts have a level of physical evidence that would be good enough for any other animal on the planet. And just like any field biologist conducting a wildlife survey, the main method of documenting the presence of mammals in an are is sourcing and casting track impressions.

      Wildlife biology; a remarkable thing.

    3. Well that isn't me @4:53 but at least it isn't the pedo failed bigfoot researcher Stu with his "gug gug" bollocks.
      i do agree that there is more than one type and that should be expected with any species. Even a lame brain dumbo like Stu who has read Darwin forwards and backwards can comprehend that theory
      facts !


    4. 'Gug',theory not any actual fact,'Gug'
      Jolly turd eating, fact

    5. I can prove the footprint evidence is irrefutable, by referencing the science. What can you prove?

    6. They sure do... glad you finally acknowledge it.

    7. Just so's you know- bigfoot ain't real


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