Shadowed By Bigfoot

From PacWest Bigfoot on youtube: Shadowed By A Bigfoot Near Yacolt… – “I Thought I Was A Dead Woman!”

I was shadowed by a Bigfoot near Yacolt, Washington and I seriously thought I was a dead man, or, dead woman in my case. I was out that late afternoon to clear my mind, and at the same time, get some painting done; I was somewhat still new to the Yacolt area at the time. I had heard the stories of Bigfoot growing up in the Napa Valley, everyone in Northern California has, but I never thought they were real until that day in 1992 that I saw one near a river where I lived.


  1. I was shadowed by a fat rake near Yacolt but it turned out to be Germer.

  2. Joe for President. Gug. Lock up Iktomi! LOCK HIM UP!

  3. Just another story told by a nameless person that happened long ago. Worthless in any regard except for producing hits for the site.

  4. That was the husband when on top of her and shafting a cold slab of lard for all he was worth...he thought SHE was the dead woman.

    Gug gug


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