Sasquatch - Strange But True

From the 1990's TV series, Strange But True, a look at the bigfoot phenomenon. Do yourecognize this famous bigfoot witness?


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    1. Did you know that Khat Hansen was once married to Jim Plunkett and that in the divorce settlement, Khat received custody of his priceless Heisman trophy which is now on display in her home museum right next to the Hope Diamond and the original copy of the PGF film?

    2. "plunk" = the sound of a brick hitting the water

    3. No, I think it's Frank Zappa.

  2. Well actually it was Khat's Grandfather (also an Archeologist) who discovered the Hope Diamond. Also just to clear up the mystery of PGF. Khat actually shot the film and when the Government murdered Roger she was coerced into silence. So in reality its the HPGF film. Roger screamed like a baby when they saw Patty and was catatonic so Khat grabbed the camera and filmed the creature.

    1. Is that something akin to a PDF?

      I got some o` dem fings from da interweb fingy.

  3. Khat actually invented football. Apparently in our timeline football didnt exist until Khat went with Al Bielek and his brother Duncan back to 1906 where she wrote out the rules to the sport and thus changed history for the better.


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