You're Almost Guaranteed To Have A Bigfoot Sighting Here

When you think of bigfoot, you probably think of Washington, or Oregon. But did you know that a park in Ohio has been ranked one of the "squatchiest" places in the world?

CAMBRIDGE — Named one of the Top 10 “Squatchiest” Places in the country by USATODAY, Salt Fork State Park, just outside Cambridge, offers a plethora of bigfoot adventures for the avid enthusiasts or weekend thrill seeker.

It’s been rumored to live in Ohio since the mid-1770s. Over 36 sightings have been reported in the park since the middle 1980s. As a result, Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center and Salt Fork State Park, host several conferences and events to celebrate the legend of Bigfoot.

Make plans to attend the Annual Bigfoot Conference, enjoy Bigfoot Adventure Weekends, Creature Weekends, or Monthly Bigfoot Night Hikes at Salt Fork State Park.

‒ The Ohio Bigfoot Conference (May 4, 2019) features top rated speakers from across the Bigfoot community who share their experiences and knowledge in the subject of Sasquatch. From television personalities, academes, local and national investigators and other prominent figures the conference has something for everyone. The weekend also features many free events including, the largest vendor fair of Bigfoot merchandise, advanced hike, Bigfoot Festival and family hike. It truly is a great weekend full of fun and informative events for the whole family to enjoy.

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