Western Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sightings

From the Xplorers podcast, Seekers of the Truth: Western Pennsylvania bigfoot sightings.

On this episode the Xplorers: Seekers of the truth discuss bigfoot sightings in Western Pennsylvania and reports of a White Bigfoot. Plus a few Bigfoot report that are connected to strange flying lights or UFO's.


  1. Jerry Cline is bigfoot bait
    He's been attacked
    Three times of late

    That's a lot for any one
    But not for Jerry;
    He wasn't done;

    Maybe he's hoaxin'
    Cuz he didn't scram
    When he saw a Dogman.

    Moral of story; Claims to have been physically attacked twice.
    Claims trailer was attacked.
    Claims he saw dogman.
    Claims he took photo of dogman puppies with horns.
    That's a lot of sightings/contact for a man who's been Squatchin for 3 years. Dahinden, Krantz, Green spent 25+ years. No sightings.

    1. Maybe you should do a YouTube channel and make stuff up? Think of the money to be made? Surely you have the looks and personality to pull it off?

    2. Nah, Stuey is too daft to comprehend how to upload videos to youtube. Even if he did and made oodles of $$$ he'd blow it all on meth.


  2. Jerry = Albert Finney Big Fish?


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