Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2019

Bigfoot enthusiast Brady Baxter put together this short documentary about his trip to the recent Ohio Bigfoot Conference.


  1. The same old speakers peddling the same old crap taking advantage of the gullible. This Brady kid is the perfect example of a rube just waiting to be fleeced. Plenty of vendors there....always plenty of vendors at Bigfoot conferences. Money to be made.

    1. Why don’t you apply your vast knowledge of how to hoax evidence and go get some of that dough? You’d think you’d know how to be another “Bigfoot millionaire” instead of flunking at Bigfoot blogs. You’d be fave less bitter PS.

    2. Because unlike you I have my honesty and integrity. I would feel guilty taking advantage of the gullible. Obviously Meldrum and company have no such scruples. Yes, it would be easy to make a few dollars selling Bigfoot related merchandise but there are honest ways to make a living.

    3. Really?!


      And what about your behaviour here in the last ten years can be classed as having integrity, PS? You take advantage of anonymity to harass and abuse strangers... surely making a few bucks (for once) would be productive given your vast knowledge of how these people are making Bigfoot hoaxes?

    4. Call the complaint line(01963) 440375

    5. Once again he suffers under the delusion that I'm this "Stuey" guy. Talk abut an obsession!

    6. I’ll tell you why you haven’t made a few bucks from all these numerous methods of hoaxing that you claim exist... it’s because you haven’t the slightest idea of how these people allegedly hoax Bigfoot evidence, and because you’re more obsessed about Bigfoot than most, you have no real interest in trying to prove it either. All you are interested in is being bitter at people who have made a name for themselves, unlike you, and you’re compelled to draw people into negativity because of your depression.

      I got you figured out ages ago PS. So when you’re claiming people are being dishonest and lack integrity... Go look in the mirror and try being honest with yourself for once. A logical fallacy in that people are making money to fuel research about a genuine subject is somehow wrong, doesn’t wash anymore with people who know you’ve probably tried and tried and tried at this subject, more than we’ll ever know.


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