Witness Talks About Bigfoot Encounters

From Mattsquatch Presents on youtube, Matt discusses his bigfoot encounters, of which he's had several over the years.


  1. Mattsquatch is my son's hero. My son also suffers from Down Syndrome and seeing Matt carry on with a fun hobby has really inspired him. Taylor my son is now studying UFOs all thanks to Matt. Remember there is no dis in ability! Rock on Mattsquatch you are a hero in the Develop Mental community.

  2. Poo is a staple of the dungarees a native peoples who live in dungville and shitsbororough. Poopy added are always welcome on this website. Pooopy Pete is so neat he likes happy feet. Hail turdamania! The land of giant tufts. Shit here shit there shit in Reos hair.


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