Sweden Man Spies Bigfoot Creature

Fro D. Hatswell Creature Report on youtube:

I've have seen this 'creature' for a number of nights now on my way home from work. The first couple of times I just saw the reflection of 'Its' eyes caught by the headlights as it was sitting by the side of the road before 'It' skidders away off and out into the woods it calls home. At one time I saw 'It' peeking 'Its' head over the side railings along the dark mountain road I drive home on. If I am to try and describe the creature I would say that it's about 40-50 cm tall with a 'big round head and large green eyes' reflecting the lights from the car. 'It' looks like a 'small monkey' but a monkey without a tail and I think 'It' has dark brown or black hair that covers 'Its' body and head. The thing is there are no wild animal in Sweden that fits the description of this creature.


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