Pro Hunter Returns With Bigfoot Encounter Tale

The pro hunting guide that has been posting some amazing bigfoot stories is back, this time talking about his own personal encounter.


  1. Hi y'all. Just wanted to share some amazing news ! I have hit the jackpot once again ! This is conclusive proof folks, it doesn't get any better than this.Not even ikdummy can deny my evidence anymore.
    Sit back and have a zima while you watch this
    major kaboom !

    1. You back Bruce ? I see you found more tree stumps you can imagine to be your fairy tale creatures. I'm sure they have a nice padded cell near you . Carry on with your lunacy


    2. Wow... worst bigfoot research ever!

      The man cannot distinguish the dead end of a downed tree from a dogman. The only one who has hit the jackpot here is your psychotherapist.

  2. I am old enough to cut through crap and this does not sound like it at all. l love these stories and the I do not get a s..t attribute. please tell us more . and thanks

  3. This H O M O hunter is all over YouTubes telling his made-up stories and how he don't give a shit what peoples think. He should hookup w/that Tim Fasano guy - they be a cute couple.


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