Oregon's Most Famous 'Mythical' Creature - And It's Not Bigfoot!

You would think bigfoot would top the charts as Oregon's most famous mythical creature, but it's actually a beast known as "Colossal Claude".

In case you’ve never heard of him, Colossal Claude is a sea creature.

The crew of the Lightship Columbia, during a relatively calm 1934 day beyond the Columbia River Bar, is credited with first spotting Claude.

“It was about 40 feet long,” crew member L.A. Larson later recalled. “It had a neck some eight feet long, a big round body, a mean-looking tail and an evil, snaky look to its head.”

Larson pointed Claude out to fellow crew members that day, and they spent some time watching it through binoculars. They asked for permission to lower a boat and “go after it, but the officers discouraged the plan for fear it would swamp the boat.”

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