Nighttime Bigfoot Encounters

From the youtube channel Sstories: Terrifying Nightime Bigfoot Encounters

Sasquatch are much more active at night time! Are they simply evolved to be nocturnal hunters preying on these victims with their limited night vision? Listen to these stories and share your own conclusions!


  1. I had a nighttime with sexkitten Khat Hansen. Midway through our tryst she reverted into a reptillian. Her eyes would blink like a lizard and she had spikes on her back. Jerry Cline is a virgin but has had female dogwomen "present" themselves to Jerry in a blatantly sexual position. Jerry denies participating but he of course was viewing these creatures with his night whiskey vision goggles so I find his credibility to be lacking. Also the dogman "puppies" he found called him Tioksa which of course means "human father" in Cree, Iriauios, Mohawk and Cayuga Indians. Is Jerry the father of these demons? Most certainly. Does he know? Maybe, maybe not but I will make one prediction Jerry will become more hostile, more vociferous, and he will start eating undercooked meat. I have seen this devolution manifest in Jerry, especially in the way he talks and growls imperceptibly. Of course these creatures are demons and as recounted by John the Revelator one quarter of mankind will die , many devoured by "beasts of the field". These abominations know there time is near and are literally changing at the bit to literally unleash he'll.
    Anyone who had an encounter, especially if they are serial sightings is a TI and will be killed during the first wave of attacks. Seeing dogman is even more ominous. In fact I would load my guns and save one for myself. Jerry Repent REPENT before you are pile of dog feces and your soul is cast into the fiery lake! There is no crappie fishing in hell. My entire congregation will be praying that the demons who infest Jerry. I shall now speak in tongues to free the grip Satan has on Jerry's heart and soul. Afterwards my pastor will transcribe it I to English;
    Eyahoo guggleress implement Hastert beans devil with six moolies hastin moo moo moo prewit la ko loon houk.


  2. Translated by E. B. Whitehead Pastor of the First Church of Ecumenical Gnosticm; Jerry do not get it on with demons.Pay a prostitute for human sex. It is vital you have relations with a human (woman) in the next 48 hours or you will be damned. This is no joke Jerry go to a truck stop, the "stroll" in the nearest city or find someone in your trailer park. Urgent.

  3. I too have noticed with many researchers the link between BF DME and demons, ghosts ufos and other entities. Jerry you must stop giving attention to demons. You are paying homage to them by non stop talking about them. We cocreate the manifestifation of these Satanic monsters by giving them attention. Jerry you are at a crossroads; renounce these demonic beings in the name of Jesus.

  4. I did notice Jerry's behaviour becoming more bestial in the last several months. He used to be a mild mannered polite young buck always ready with an encouraging word and a quick smile. Recently I as have many of my acquaintance noticed a dark pall surrounding Jerry. It can only be described as the "outer darkness". Jerry has become another person; abusing bug, cussing out the "Outlaws" and engaging in sexual innuendo. Jerry I urge you to cut ties with the "bad crowd" you are one of. Jerry please for the love of God repent Repent and seek salvation ; the time is nigh.


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