Monster Hunting Holiday

A company called Silver Fern Holidays are your one-stop tour guide to hunting monsters in New Zealand. Check out this article.

A monster hunter’s holiday is different to most people’s. They don’t use sun cream in case it gets on their Bigfoot-spotting binoculars. And they certainly don’t chill, as they might miss the sight of a scurrying Chupacabra. That would really get their goat.

If this sounds like a refreshing way to take a break, then Silver Fern Holidays are here to help. They’ve compiled a handy guide to tracking down terrors on terra firma. Monster hunting isn’t for the faint-hearted but it sure beats trying to find a deck chair or a reasonably priced meal.

For the full article, click here.


  1. Hello mates! once in a while we do run into Kiwis and Aussies here and they are decent blokes but their countries aren't exactly the place i'd wanna go for monster hunting , maybe for birds but not bigfot or other cryptids. My dream is to one day travel to the pacific northwest or California and I had plans to go last year but a hectic work schedule made that all but impossible. Perhaps this year I may finally land in bigfoot country and meet some of my idols like Gimlin and Meldrum. A lad can always dream I say



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