Missouri Dogman Encounter

From Dogman Encounters Radio comes a story from a witness who saw a dogman creature in Missouri while on a bike trail with his girlfriend.


  1. Please stop attacking Jerry Cline for his drinking he has had 12 years of sobtiety! Unfortunately it was the first 12th years of his life...

    1. I don't think one episode of excessive drinking followed by screaming, thrashing, throwing yourself around your travel trailer while balling on the phone with 911 about Bigfoot should define a man's life.

    2. Oh sure... like you wouldn't poop your skinny jeans if you underwent the torment Jerry did that night. He was trapped in that trailer with only rum, coke and Doritos to sustain his life. He is probably well and truly traumatized by the experience.

  2. It would never happen to me because I have enough common sense to harass monsters in the woods and then whine about it when they come knocking.


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