Encounters With The Dogman

From Dogman Encounters Radio with host Vic Cundiff

I had an eyewitness lined up, to come on tonight's show, but due to a sudden health issue, she wasn't able to do the interview. So, I contacted Josh Turner, to see if he had any other Dogman encounters he could come back on and share, to fill in for her. As fate would have it, he did, so it was a done deal.


  1. Dogman is a ludicrous concept. I'm not calling eyewitnesses liars I'm just saying their not being truthfull.

  2. Its clear to even the most guillable fools like "Knobby" and Jerry Cline that our friend Mr. Cundiff is a deep state operativd, collecting names, places etc. I challenge this so called "Mr. Cundiff" character to come forward. What has he got to lose? especially since he's simply relating stories that were told to him. Others in the same position show their honesty through transparency and by stating their name by which they are putting their reputation on the line. I wouldn't trust anyone who asks for all my info yet is reticent to reveal theirs.

  3. Josh Turner on the other hand is beyond reproach. He has revealed all his pertinent details and he is/will be doing the same style show except that his podcast will deal with all paranormal accounts from eyewitnesses. I have a dogman story but for whatever reason I have a gut feeling NOY to share it with this "Vic Cundiff" character. I say character since that's what he is; he has no other online pretense which I find telling. Also whenever interviewed "Vic" is a terrible guest, not seeming to want to even offer a guess as to what these creatures are, and the rest is like pulling teeth, more often than not he responds by saying " I wouldn't even venture a guess". Well the podcast is expecting you to reveal your personal thoughts, of which he seems to lack.

  4. Also Mr. Cundiff's guest who cancelled and was replaced by Josh Turner at the last minute is certainly "sick". I have heard from unimpeachable sources in the Cundiff camp that this "sickness" has her in the ICU where she has already received two facial reconstruction procedures and lost an eye. She also lost her left arm from just below the elbow and has a plethora of confusions and scratches. The attending emergologist said he'd never seen anything like it here but if he was in his native India he would say it was a tiger attack.


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