Bigfoot Spotted In Indiana

From the Phantoms and Monsters blog site:

KS and the others were in their camper when they heard a loud thumping sound coming from the woods around them. KS and another companion stepped outside and looked in the direction of the thumping. They both observed a hair-covered bipedal creature with a large frame hitting a medium-sized tree with a piece of wood. The being was approximately 80-100 feet from them and standing at the edge of the woods. KS stated that he is 6'2' and would have stood mid-chest high to this creature. He believes the height to be at leas 8 foot. They were shocked at the total size of this being. They also immediately noticed the bright eye-shine emanating from the creature.

KS's friend ran back into the camper, as KS stood close to the door. The beast was continuously slamming the tree with the piece of wood and then raising its arms into the air and grunting. KS observed the creature for about a minute, until it simply turned, grunted and walked away. There was another camper nearby, but KS did not see anyone.

The trio quickly exited the campground and spent the night in a parking lot several miles away.

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