Bigfoot of the Hudson Valley

A possible bigfoot sighting took place recently near the Villa Roma resort in the Catskills. Check it out.

According to, on April 23rd around 5:30pm, three hikers who were staying at Villa Roma Resort in Sullivan County

"witnessed a huge hair-cover biped step out of the woods and onto the trail." Before the biped darted away the hikers got a glimpse of the possible Big Foot. They described what they saw as:

standing 8-9 ft in height and broad enough to encompass the width of the trail, which was about 5 ft. The being was fully covered in reddish-brown long hair, except for the face which had dark-colored skin. There was no noise other than the footfalls it made through the underbrush.

The hikers are said to be going back to the trail to search for more evidence.

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