Bigfoot Caught Watching Traffic

From comes a sighting report about a bigfoot watching traffic in New York.

This encounter happened 2 years ago. My dad, mom, niece and myself were heading upstate to Schenectady to visit family. We were in my dad's car with me and my mom in the back seat and my niece riding shotgun while my dad drove.

We were approaching the Harriman State Park exit going north on the New York Thruway at about 1pm and traffic was crawling along because of a minor fender bender. Well, my mom (which has no knowledge and not an inkling about Bigfoot whatsoever) looks out to her left and says “Hey look, a monkey is looking at us”. No one paid attention but about 30 seconds later as we’re crawling along with traffic I said “What do you mean monkey?” She says “A big monkey was standing on the other side of the thruway next to a tree looking at the traffic and then looked at us” I then began to question here about certain details and after a few minutes I was convinced that what she witnessed was a bonafide Bigfoot! She said he had a mans face with long brown hair and very tall and that he was looking left and right at traffic when their eyes met briefly! I remember telling my dad to pull over cause I wanted to run back and get a picture with my cell phone and my niece was down on coming with me but he refused. I was angry at myself because here I am the true believer in the paranormal and the unexplained in the family and my mom who knows nothing about this and has no interest had the luck and pleasure in witnessing a very rare event! Some people get all the luck! - AP

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