Bigfoot Caught On Trap Camera

In his latest breakdown video, Phil Poling of Parabreakdown fame shows off his newly installed illuminated sink, and does a breakdown on a recently circulated photo of bigfoot.


  1. I found a turd measuring 39" long and 17 " around. Question; Sasquatch or Jerry Cline?

  2. That's friends is a mask. Bob Heirnomous was wearing it and Bob Gimlin has verified it.

  3. Bob Gimlin has admitted that he'd "do" Patty. In his younger days he is quoted as saying I've done uglier! Parts cute, in the right lighting.

  4. Jerry Cline's done uglier. Look at old Nat Geo mags featuring natives from Borneo such places. They have nappy ads crazy from with big crooked flattened noses, bulging eyes and huge portruding lips. The men puts gourds on their junk.Jerry had a girlfriend that made those Borneo chicks look like beauty queens.


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