Bigfoot Caught On Camera?

We don't know much about this photo other than what the article says. Something about it seems sort of familiar, but then again...

An American hunter living in northwestern Pennsylvania shared a very unusual snapshot. According to the man, in recent weeks he began to notice that someone was chasing him in the forest.

A tall dark silhouette appeared on the hills, hiding behind trees and rocks. The man, surprised and even somewhat frightened by this, decided to find out whose attention he drew to himself, what animal was following him, and so he set up several trap cameras in the forest.

Cameras that react to movement take pictures when something flashes in front of them: an animal running past, a bird flying next to it, or even a leaf falling from a tree. The American received several dozen of such pictures. But then camera caught a mysterious stranger for whom it was actually placed.

The most amazing thing is that he clearly approached the camera and looked directly into its lens, apparently because of curiosity. A shaggy massive figure, similar to a monkey, was imprinted well enough on the photo so that it could not be confused, for example, with a falling leaf.

Of course, many, including the hunter himself, felt that the device had “caught” the legendary Bigfoot. Perhaps the alleged relic hominid noticed that the camera strikingly stands out against the background of everything around and began to look at the strange object with surprise.

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  1. Magnificent evidence ! it has to be a bigfoot caught on camera !


    1. Your never going to let me forget that are you? I admitted I was wrong but there is plenty of evidence out there to prove me right so buzz off you backwoods hillbilly. Go play in your trailer court with your NASCAR souvenirs.


    2. Oink, oink,little pigfoot is the real thing, eat crow, eat crow

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