Yeti Attacks Group of Campers

Bigfooter Blayne Tyler takes a look at the historic mystery, the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Some believe a yeti was to blame for the massacre.


  1. Earthshine a beacon in the night full of starlit diamonds Earthshine, Earthshine a jewel out of reach for a dream to rise to Earthshine

  2. Shall we discuss bigfoot again? I could start by telling you about Scott Carpenter's bigfoot in the laurels, he actually photographed a real bigfoot there. I know some photos are garbage but there are real and true gems in there. Look at Dr Squatch, he's actually photographed some real bigfoots, I'll grant his latest theories are far out but that doesn't take away from what he photographed. Now I'm glad to see the atmosphere is much quieter here, maybe we can discuss bigfoot, I'm going to wait and see


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