Small Town Monsters Seth Breedlove

Seth Breedlove is the mastermind behind the hit documentary series Small Town Monsters. Check out this article about Breedlove and his own origins.

Bolivar native Seth Breedlove has made a career out of chronicling tales about the legendary creature Bigfoot.

Breedlove and his company, Small Town Monsters, have produced a series of documentaries, mini-series and web series on local legends from around the United States.

His latest mini-series, “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” will premiere at the Canton Palace Theater at 8 p.m. March 29 with four of the six episodes being shown. The series will also have its digital premiere the same day on Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand and VIDI Space, as well as DVD.

The series was shot in California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, South Carolina and New York. It tracks the history of the Bigfoot subject while also telling Breedlove’s personal story, tracing how he went from ardent skeptic to truly believing that there could be an undocumented creature lurking in North American forests.

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  1. Small town monsters = great series, watch it if you get a chance ! or you can just carry on and smoke your crack Danny Stu


  2. Yeah, I think smoking crack is more grounded in reality


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