Multiple Sightings Of "Extinct" Animal Happening

Something strange is happening in North Carolina. People are reporting multiple sightings of cougars. The problem is, the animal is supposed to be extinct in those parts.

Cougars are considered extinct in North Carolina, but a few dozen people came forward on Facebook over the weekend to say they’re still seeing them in North Carolina, no matter what the experts say.

It started Saturday, when a chef in Morganton sheepishly admitted on a Facebook page devoted to Bigfoot research that he believes he saw a cougar -- also known as a mountain lion -- near the incorporated community of Nebo in western North Carolina.

“I know I’ll catch some flack for this,” posted Billy Hensley on Saturday. “But I will swear this to my grave: I have seen a cougar not once but twice in Nebo in the past month or so.”

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