Hiker Chased By Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Bigfoot enthusast Tri Diver on youtube takes a look at a piece of footage reportedly showing a young bigfoot chasing a hiker.


  1. Give me money

    Scat Hansen

  2. Brian Sullivan's face walked straight out of a nightmare.

  3. Its not a booger.
    "Coonbo and Bear" speaking on behalf of the Outlaws.

  4. Go Ask Khat is going to be a weekly podcast for grifters and Carney folk presented by everyone's favorite liar Khat! This week Brian "Puke" Sullivan.

  5. Oh please. It's a chimp. And you can even tell that it is wearing a diaper.

    This is the kind of BS hoax crap that detracts from serious bigfoot investigations.


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