Hearing A Bigfoot Changed This Man's Life

Having a bigfoot encounter, and coming to the realization that these creatures actually exist and are out there living next to us, can be a life-altering experience.

“It was a beautiful day,” Graser added.

And then Graser, along with Estavillo, fishing lure designer James Beasley and magazine editor Nick Amato heard it — a very loud “powwww-whoop!” that echoed through the gorge.

Not just once. Or twice. But three times.

“I heard it first, couldn’t make out the noise over the motor, and just as (Reuben) turned off the motor, it ended,” Graser said.

So, they sat quietly in their boat, listening to the wind, waiting to hear that sound again.

A little more than two minutes later, they heard it again. That loud “powwww-whoop!”

“I said, ‘That’s a Bigfoot,’” Graser said. “No doubt for me what I heard. As sure as I’m alive, speaking to you right now, I know what I heard.”

And then, about five minutes later, from much farther away, came the sound again, much fainter this time, as if someone — or something — was answering.

“Oh wow, this is some serious stuff,” Graser said.

“We heard it twice,” said Beasley, owner of Port Angeles-based Wicked Lures and the reason the four were out in the Quinault wilderness to begin with. “It was so loud it almost hit you in the chest coming through the tree line.”

“It was very strange, very clear, very loud in a very remote place,” said Amato, editor of Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine and himself not a believer in Bigfoot. “I’ve never heard anything like it.

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