Famous Oregon Bigfoot Footage

Paranormal Caught on Camera features the famous Freeman footage from Oregon. Some believe this footage shows an actual bigfoot creature.


  1. his son hasn't seen the admission to hoaxing interview he did! Of course when he films a BF everyone s going to say 'hoax'!

    1. BS.

      Freeman admitted to making fake feet to see if the genuine tracks he found could be hoaxed, toe bending, flexing, etc. What you see in the interview is an edit.

      Because in the world of the hoax-cultist, it’s perfectly logical for hoaxers to confess to their hoaxes on TV, and then continue to stand by their hoaxes as genuine for years to come.


    2. Matt Moneymaker confirms Matilda

  2. The Freeman Footage was filmed in Oregon? How about Washington.

  3. Its a hoax. Its a video of his oldest son in a suit!


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