Dogman Encounters In Historic Bigfoot Hot Spot

Salt Fork park is famous for its bigfoot sightings, but it also gets its fair share of dogman encounters as well.


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  2. It's well known that many old, overweight, unkempt and lonely Bigfoot "researchers" delight in having young women interested in Bigfoot so they try and hook up with them by trying to impress them with their "knowledge" of Bigfoot. Take that old horny goat Bob Gimlin for instance. He loves nothing better than to get hugs and kisses from admiring women and wishes he had hit the Bigfoot conference circuit earlier in life. It's in these guys best interest to keep the myth of Bigfoot alive.

    1. Don’t you get the impression the above comment was published by a lonely, fat, attention seeking nobody who wants nothing more than hugs and kisses from admiring women?

      Reality check... I can now step back from this crud hole of a blog, because for people like me who bother to take the time to look; the evidence is now irrefutable.

      What’s your excuse for still coming here, PS? Sounds like you invest way too much time on a “myth” mate.

      : )

    2. I check in here about once a week for amusement....and there is very little of that these days. I get plenty of attention by my admiring girlfriend who is bemused by the idea that there are people such as yourself who actually believe Bigfoot exists (clever girl).

      Now a reality check for you. It's been over 51 YEARS since the purported "best" evidence (being the PGF) was produced. There is still not ONE piece of biological evidence to support it's existence. It is still not recognized or considered as officially existing by all but a handful of eccentric people with any credentials at all. THAT my friend is the reality check and if you wish to delude yourself thinking otherwise then knock yourself out - it's your right to do so. However don't expect for your views to be embraced without criticism or scorn. In fact if I were you I would find a website such as the Bigfoot Forum where your opinion will be accepted without question. You can be the big man on campus and anyone questioning you will be banned. You've obviously lost your audience here anyway so I'm sure it will make you feel better.

      Just some friendly advice.

    3. Bigfoot doesn't exist...wait, this just in..Moneymaker confirms Matilda

    4. Oh PS... the way pathologically misogynistic says you’ve never had anything but bad luck and scarring from women... let alone having a girlfriend.

      The reason I can kick back and forget about this crud hole, is because track impressions have yielded morphological congruency, before particular replica casts were in production, and before things like mid-tarsal breaks were even acknowledged to exist outside of small academic circles, let alone having attention drawn to them in Bigfoot casts... aligned with trackways that show that a genuine biological foot has made contact with the ground. You simply cannot hoax that level of evidence.

      Game... Set... Match. But that’s not it...

      Every time biological evidence for Bigfoot in hair samples is sequenced for DNA, it comes back human. Human DNA doesn’t confirm Bigfoot’s classification to the majority of people because that majority observing such results are expecting a new non-human primate’s DNA. 12 morphologically congruent hair samples, one directly linked to a report by government employees, that yielded one example of said track impressions of the same hominin across two continents, whose physical evidence was peer reviewed.

      You are a failed researcher and have nothing on the credentials of the people who have studied this level of evidence, and cannot reference one person from any scientific background that is able to debunk that evidence. And hey, you can scorn at whatever you like pal... but there’s a reason I can kick back. So you crack on with a blog subject you’re more obsessed about than anyone else, giggling at your own comments with your hand down your pants... comments a ten year old wouldn’t laugh at... Because nobody gives a feck about what you’ve ever had to say around here.

      Oh... and got monkey suit?

    5. See Matilda the rug, Moneymaker confirms

    6. Hey PS... remember when you were so fed up with having your opinion questioned, criticised and scorned, that you tried making your own crypto blog that nobody frequented and flunked? That was funny. I guess harassing people away from a blog is the only way you can feel like a big fish, eh?

      I came back expecting you to have some substance against Bigfoot evidence. Guess we can call it another year that rolls by where you’re too much of a lazy slob to fact check and research substance to your obsession.

      Adios fatty!


  3. Ahahaha, Pedo Stu gets his knickers in a knot once again ! There is no comeback in his lexicon against Iktomi who has made him look like a foolish knob . Oh Stu, why not just give it up mate ?



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