Bigfoot Taught This Woman How To Swim

A wman claims she grew up with bigfoot, that she called Wabu, and describes her encounters in detail. One bigfoot even taught her how to swim.

Suzie could not understand who eats shellfish. In this place there were no animals that ate them. And there were many shells, sometimes she even found a small hill of empty shells.

And after some time she met these strange creatures on the shore and it turned out that they were eating molluscs. Suzy describes in detail how a Wabu, covered in dark red wool, squats in the water of a lake and very quickly eats mollusks, biting through the shells with its strong, big teeth.

According to her, Wabu’s teeth were very different from human teeth, they were all the same size and had a square shape. Also, Wabu was great at swimming in the water and even taught Susie how to swim, seating her on his big shoulders.

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