Bigfoot Research Discussion

Mark Zaskey of Crypto Reality sits down for a bigfoot research discussion, and Q&A session with his audience.


  1. I would like to thank everyone for paying to watch me get raped by homeless Mexicans and black people, I'm glad that I'm able to write off the cases of Old English malt liquor that I drink heavily and use as bait to lure them homeless blacks and Mexicans, I mean bigfoot. Enjoy the fun and excitement

  2. 'Gug',I'm enjoying your research Zasskey, a 'footer' is poking through the knot hole, it's the real thing, 'Gug '

  3. What do think about caring fire arms. when you are in the woods

  4. I would rather have caring firearms than indifferent firearms or firearms that downright hated me. After all they could save your life and that last thing you need is a jammed rifle when BF is charging you!

  5. I would like to thank Mr. Zaskey for my love of botany. His videos showva tremoundous amount of bushes and trees. Probably the best collection of Floridan flora ever documented!


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