Bigfoot In Southern Maryland

When a woman goes to plan a bigfoot party for her daughter, she ends up discovering that Southern Maryland is a reported hotbed of bigfoot activity.

I still felt a little out of my element planning this party, so I turned to Matt Moneymaker, one of the cast members of the show who also heads the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to find someone in the area to lead us on an investigation here in Southern Maryland.

Moneymaker was surprisingly easy to contact and helpful. He came through with a local expert named Gudrun (she asked me not to use her last name) who lives in Northern Virginia but travels frequently to more rural areas like ours to investigate Bigfoot sightings.

Gudrun told me Southern Maryland is “a hotbed of Bigfoot activity,” and while January typically isn’t a good time of year to find signs of Bigfoot, a clear, calm night might just turn up something squatchy.

Of course, the first date for the party was on a cold January weekend with snow and freezing rain, but luckily we planned a snow date just in case. The next Saturday night turned out to be a perfect evening for squatchin’ — not a lot of wind, not a full moon and no precipitation.

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