Bigfoot Comes To The Rescue

From, a witness reports a bigfoot coming to the aid of a Michigan family. What a nice fella.
The axle of the boat trailer got stuck on some slack saplings and it sunk my axle of my F-150 in the sand. Thinking there’s no way I’m going to get out of here and no self service, I started to panic. I put the truck in neutral because it was digging us deeper, when suddenly my daughter yelled big monkey! We launched forward and I had thought that a game warden or someone had pushed us out. Unbeknownst to us as I turned, as I had realized that the truck was still in neutral, I put it in drive and continue to move forward. It was the night and I could see the steam coming out of a giant pile of poop.

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  1. By the description it's almost certaintitly it was Glagg. Glagg has dedicated his life to helping distressed hikers both near and far.

    1. It is comforting to know Glagg will be there in my time of need.

  2. I take exceptions with you ignorant fools. You mock what you do not understand. Glagg is a wild Bigfoot and although he can talk and dance a variety of classic and modern dances and he loves K-pop. He also likes rolling in poop and dead animals. (For the ladies). Glagg also enjoys board games including chess, Ouija, tarot and rock em sock em robots. He likes eating venison, berries, seasonal fruit and a hiker once or twice a year. His goals include livi g to witne$ agenda 25 and playing with his grandchildren , Ootka, Flacks and Levi-D. Despite what confirmed psychopath Khitty Khat says about them living hundreds of years there life span is actually 40 -60. Patty was 27 when killed and had just delivered a young u'n.
    Glagg loves sleep and Archie comic books. Biggie is his favorite character. Both he and Bighead love burgers. Glagg like every other Squatch has denied the existence of Jesus. And as usual gets mad when asked whether they are Nephilllium. I think they may be descendents of Cain and their "mark" is their hideous appearance. Glagg loves the Oakland Raiders and often can be seen looking in Windows to catch a score update during game days.

  3. Brenton Sawin was attacked By the Devil
    Brenton Sawin was attacked by a Zero
    Brenton Sawin was attacked by a bigfoot.

    1. Brenton Sawin was attacked by bill collectors.

      Is there no end to this man's trials and tribulations?


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