West Virginia Bigfoot Sightings Have History

A string of recent bigfoot sightings taking place in West Virginia are by no means the first.

Sightings of a bigfoot alleged recently at Sutton Lake in central West Virginia may have a historic precedent.

Old news clippings that refer to a wildman, and more recent stories of an ape-like creature, at least imply that the region is a fertile ground for such tales.

The county at the very center of West Virginia is coincidentally home of the legendary Flatwoods Monster, also known as the Braxton County Green Monster, the legend of which attracts many tourists to the region.

According to Andrew Smith, executive director of the Braxton County Convention and Visitors Bureau, rumors of a bigfoot have been circulating in recent months and have even inspired one bigfoot researcher to post video of a lakeside hunt online.

“We’ve heard of an uptick in reports near the lake,” says Smith, who attributes the county’s wealth of monstrous encounters in part to its dark skies and deep forests.

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  1. Has there ever been a dual sighting of both mothman and sasquatch at the same time? It would be interesting to observe where each falls in their respective predator hierarchies. Which of the two - sasquatch or mothman - is apex predator over the other?

  2. Can't Bigfoot get a better tailor? This suit makes him look fat!


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