The Ice-Chest Bigfoot Caper

The Bigfoot Case Files on youtube shares another strange bigfoot story. This one involves a couple camping inside their van, when a large visitor pays them a visit in the middle of the night.


  1. Once while camping in Florida my gf and I were alone without our kids for a much needed r and R. We awoke at precisely 3:01 a.m. to a terrifying cacophony of growls, grunts and a foul stench. As we sat paralyzed with fear I kept having a recurring thought that this "creature" would scoop us up while we were in the tent as I recalled the Bauman story over and over. The sounds grew louder until we could hear the beast jostling with our cooler due to the unmistakable sound of ice cubes blinking together as the "monster" devoured an entire weeks worth of food and beer in under 3 minutes. Eventually my fear gave way to anger and I stormed out of the tent screaming as loud as I could until I literally bumped into the " beast", knocking us both over. Gagging and retching from the smell I suddenly heard my truck alarm going off and all the lights came on. I realized instantly that my gf had saved us! I must have passed out but when I awoke I saw to my horror that the foul smelling, hideous creature was none other that Tim Fasano. Before I passed out again I remember crapping my pants as I gazed into the eyes of the horrific man beast.

    1. That must have been a truly frightening experience! His hunger is insatiable.


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