Terrifying True Bigfoot Encounters

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes a collection of terrifying and true bigfoot encounters. Enjoy with the light on.


  1. "Researcher" Skat Hansen today reveals that for the first time she has found Mountain gorillas in her research site. "The proof speaks for itself" she is quoted as saying after Steve Kulls accused her of hosting last week. Hansen elaborates by revealing that Kihosa the gorilla shown has a "cocaine problem". I plan to stage an intervention very soon Hansen is quoted as saying. This marks the first time a wild gorilla has been discovered outside of equatorial Africa. Its just another feather in my cap Hansen remarked recently. Thanks to her online Addiction certificate Hansen is confident she can get the beast to enter a 2i day rehab.

  2. Just because Khat has seen every living cryptid and has lied about her college degrees and uses photoshopped gorillas and uses 35 different photos of herself and claims she was attacked by a well known hoaxer and Doaent live live where she says is no reason to be a hater.

  3. Apparently several Sasquatch "Contactees" are telling Mr. Kulls that they are "very, very upset with Ms. Hansen's lies and will be personally visiting her to show their displeasure". They indicated that an advance team of Dogmen were on scene awaiting orders.

  4. 'Gug',so busy at the knot hole in the men's room stall today, be mine valentine you young lads, 'Gug ' so good

    1. ^ Yummy yum yum that sounds sweet heaven itself - (licks lips)


  5. Apparently Ms. Hansen has expressed an interest in Iktomi as her Valentine.��


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