Journalist Goes On Bigfoot Hunt With BFRO

A journalist did something very few do, actually went out on a bigfoot outing to see what it was like, instead of just writing a tongue in cheek article about bigfoot researchers.
It’s just before dawn, on the shortest, darkest day of the year. I’m parked underneath a street lamp at a gas station just east of the Tillamook State Forest. I’m here anxiously awaiting a rendezvous with a pair of Bigfoot trackers from the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO): Cindy Caddell and Russ Lockrem.

Off to my right, a pair of headlights pierce the early morning fog. The lights slowly get bigger and brighter. The source of the lights — a large, white pickup — pulls up behind me. The lights are now blinding, as they reflect off my rearview mirror and into my eyes.

Through the light, I see a man’s shadowy figure hop out of the driver side of the truck and saunter toward my SUV. I open the door and step out to greet him. With a big grin, he introduces himself: Russ. From the passenger side, a woman gets out and cheerily power walks up to greet me, her hand already extended: Cindy.

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