Bigfoot Encounter In SoCal

Bigfoot Investigator John talks about the class B bigfoot encounter he had in Southern California. Not many reports come from SoCal, but they do happen from time to time.


  1. Knobby.

    Germer's sycophant that who!!!

  2. Stripes could beat the taste outta Brattis's mouth.

  3. Brian Sullivan was arraigned on charges of sodomizing "Brattis".

  4. Bigfoot Tony was incarcerated in Highgate court yesterday on possessing bigfoot pornography. He faces 10 minutes in Wormwood Scrubs said his Solicitor Mr. D. Waters.

  5. Khat Hansen was burnt at the stake this morning on charges she was a witch says longtime companion Khi'o s'a.

  6. Survival expert Led Stroud confirms that bigfoot woo is 100% legitimate.
    Bigfoot can take invisible dumps claims Stroud after stepping in a fetid pile of invisible Sasquatch diarrhoea last month while hiking in the Smilies.


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