Was This Man Assaulted By Bigfoot? Warning: Graphic!

From Bigfoot and Beyond, a man was attacked by an unseen assailant, and shoved to the ground. Was the attacker actually a bigfoot? Some may find the man's extensive injuries disturbing.


  1. Ms. Hansen was brutally attacked and tortured for three days by a well known bigfoot researcher who waterboarded her, bludgeoned her nearly to death leaving her with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and over 700 stiches in her head since they had to put a metal plate in her cranium. The group of ruffians also left muddy boot prints on her carpet and helped themselves to a meal and all without WASHING UP AND PUTTING THE DISHES AWAY!. Kihosa is now leading a group of bigfoot special forces accompanied by some contractors who just happen to be Dogmen.Ms. Hansen has publicly stated that if they simply call a carpet cleaning company and a crew of maids she would be willing to forgive and forget.

  2. Iktomi was recently attacked and left for dead by a Gugwe. He would have perished in the ordeal but the creature ambushed him from the rear hurling the hapless fool face down into the dirt. He was only saved when the curious Squatch rolled him over and saw his hideous face and ran off into the bush shrieking and howling.


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