Todd Standing Says Bigfoot Saved His Life!

In Todd Standing's latest video, the bigfoot adventurer tells a story about how a sasquatch saved his life from certain death.


  1. Todd Standing says lots shit.

    Nothing he says is true though.

    His tongue should be cut out.

    1. Standing is a delusional habitual liar who needs to see a clinical psychologist. Perhaps Matthew Johnson can help.

  2. Woohoo! How exciting another episode of the Muppet Show!

  3. Maybe Mr.Bigfoot should teach him some oral hygienic practices. by shaving that wad of nasty of his face.

  4. Todd is a liar and a hoaxer. I ignore all canadian based research because of this guy. Lying and money-grubing seem go be the national past time.

  5. Todd and Les two gay dudes in love!


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