Tips For Recording Bigfoot

So you've been chasing noises all day in the woods, when all of a sudden, there it is, sasquatch! You pull your phone up to take the earth-shaking video. You rush home and load it onto the computer just to find out all you actually captured was trees and leaves. Here's how you can improve.

Here's what happens. They are in the woods. They are watching. They stand very still to become one with the trees. They are good at this. So good that we literally do not see them as we look around.

But, as we turn and pan the camera away to film the woods around us, we allow them time to get the hell outta Dodge. They watch us turn away with the camera and know we and the camera are focused on another part of the woods.

The videographer had just filmed where they are, but now that he/she turns away with camera, the Bigfoot bolts.

What we find on video happens after you leave the site because almost always you will not see them while you are there, but when reviewing video after, you will see something out of place, or something move.

Be sure to pan the area slowly 180-degree turn, zooming in and out. When you get to the 180-degree turn, back to where you started, pause a bit, pan back again to your starting point. In that time, the BF will peek out, dark behind a tree, drop to the ground. You will see the differences in the two views.

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