The South Carolina Bigfoot Photo

Is it a juvenile bigfoot? Is it a pig? What about a dog? These are the questions surrounding the debate behind the recent photo release from South Carolina.


  1. Replies
    1. ^ smart move - it could come back to haunt someone I know.

    2. Oh, you mean the regret your dad felt the morning after he hooked up with your mother Stu? He kept muttering "she oinks"

    3. Above Danny's basement, in a big ol' recliner.

    4. Hey Danny.... did you identify the image? Did you announce it was a pig? Nope. Why not? You couldn't tell it was a pig could you? I thought you were an excellent
      "X researcher".

    5. Everyone knows it wasn't a bigfoot

  2. "It’s either a chimp, or a juvenile hominid. It can’t be anything else." - lktomi


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